We allow you to better understand

We have a holistic view of the human-to-IoT relationship, built on our expertise in brain signals, bio sensors and product development.

Our sensors and software seamlessly integrate into existing platforms to enhance your wearables experience.

Our Holistic Approach


Understanding the brain
for actionable insights

We combine neurosignaling and psychology for a greater understanding of the brain, providing the end user with insightful information they can act on.

Innovative biosensor development

Building on the success of our DryodeTM, we have developed new materials and form factors suited for a wide variety of wearable devices.

Integration, data collection
and analysis

Our sensors provide clinical-grade data quality without compromising user comfort, allowing us to integrate them into existing platforms and enhance them.
The Science

Our publications and patents

We have built our research on the shoulders of fundamental papers such as Dry-contact and noncontact biopotential electrodes: Methodological review (2010) by Chi YM, Jung TP, Cauwenberghs G, as well as more recent ones like Dry-contact electrode ear-EEG (2018) by Kappel SL, et al.

See our academic publication Skin conformal polymer electrodes for clinical ECG and EEG recordings for more on our initial technology innovation.

We have more academic papers in review, and hold three patents.

Our technology

Signal quality

Our signal quality matches the clinical gold standard, and our designs allow for reduced motion artifacts.

Gel-free electrodes

Unlike competing products in the medical world, our sensors are completely gel-free and can be reused countless times.

User comfort

Wearability is one of our top priorities. Our sensors are so comfortable you will forget you are even wearing them.

Application flexibility

Our sensors can to be used in all conditions, including under water, during sporting efforts and for extended periods of time.
The applications

Integrating into existing platforms

Working with partners in the wearables world as well as in the headset/earphone industry, we have seamlessly integrated our sensors and software into their products.

This example shows the integration of two form factors into a standard headset to allow EEG readings from both the scalp and around-ear regions.

Our partnerships

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Where to find us

We are located in the outskirts of Zurich, near the airport. We always welcome drop-in visits!

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