Building next-generation electrodes
for cutting-edge wearables

IDUN Technologies is the leading producer of customized soft and dry electrodes – the DRYODES™. Founded in 2017 following three years of academic R&D at ETH Zürich, IDUN Technologies has developed the Dryodes™ that are used around the world for wearable technology and research.

Goodbye problems, Hello Dryode™

higher user comfort

IDUN’s electrodes are made of biocompatible soft materials. Even over an extended period of time, the Dryode™ is engineered to feel comfortable on your skin.

great signal quality

Confirmed by customers, Dryodes™ produce competitive signal quality. Better inputs give better outputs.

reduced motion artifacts

Due to IDUN’s choice of materials and integration expertise, motion artifacts can be reduced.

works under water

IDUN’s electrodes have been used in unprecedented diver studies (paper to be published)

Our achievements so far

At IDUN Technologies we believe that celebrating achievements will help to focus on the bigger target.

8 Awards

24 Paid Customer Projects

4 Continents
8 Countries

8 Employees

1 Paper

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