About Us


Developing meaningful wearable devices with great user experience together with strong partners.



IDUN Technologies started with a vision that it follows to this day: Improving health and performance of users of all kind. For a wearable device to create meaningful feedback to its user, signal quality and usability are the two core concepts it needs to fulfill.

Our goal is to enable unobtrusive, accurate sensors for the unique and innovative applications of our customers’ devices. With an expertise in soft and conductive biopotential electrodes our team will help you to bring your wearables to a new level.



SimonSimon Bachmann, CEO and co-founder. Executive manager responsible for project partnerships, customers and financing. Heading the business development with great passion but a formal education as health scientist. Could finally find the perfect activity as a blabbermouth and hasn’t missed a pitching opportunity since. But careful: Can get bitchy when tired!


SeverineSéverine Chardonnens, CTO and co-founder. Heading the technological development and industrialization of the electrodes for mass production. Moral and social support of the team with remarkable empathetic skills and insights into human nature. That’s right, a CTO with “people skills”!



AndreaAndrea Fümm, system engineer and problem solver. Andrea has a strong passion for electrical engineering and hands-on tasks. Responsible for product testings and data analysis, he is the connector between electrode and hardware. To his bad luck, he is also shelter and mental support for “unsolvable” tasks like printer installations or network connectivity problems.


ChristophChristoph Untersander, product designer and creative mind. Responsible for the highly ungrateful task to translate the teams’ crazy ideas into visual output. On the bright side, since he works for IDUN, he could drastically remove his heating bill, because his 3D printer has taken over this job. Let’s not talk about the electricity bill though….



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