A bold Vision

«We enable the Internet of Humans by allowing your body and mind to influence your environment.»


Our goals are bold and visionary. We are fully committed to developing the best possible science and technology, and work with the best partners possible to achieve the highest impact.

Our secret to success? Excellent people and excellent technology.

Nothing great was ever achieved with conservative goals, to that extent we are aiming for the stars – we hope to take you along for the ride!

Our company values


Transparent and Authentic

We live a culture of openness, acceptance and support. We are true to ourselves, valuing individuality, differences and variety as our key strengths. We believe in full transparency and sharing, both internally and externally – no topic is taboo, no question is out of place.

Human Centered

We see and understand the human as a whole. From day 1, we built a business and products for good. We see our colleagues and customers first and foremost as people, and only enter into win-win partnerships that are fair to all sides.

Innovation driven

Our personal aspiration is to make something groundbreakingly new. We love the excitement of disrupting with technology, pragmatism and outside-the-box thinking. We aim to impact the world, and achieve this with cutting edge science and product development.

Our Milestones


Release DRYODE™ Guardian Development Kit
With the release of the DRYODE™ Guardian Dev Kit, we have reached a big milestone. Finally, we can show what our entire team has been working on in action.


Team expansion
We doubled our personnel to over 10 people, broadening our available skillsets.


Bridge round
We successfully raised a bridge round with multiple investors such as the Sony Startup Accelerator Program.


Third patent
We filed for our third patent.


Team expansion
Team expansion into neuropsychology, biosignal processing and machine learning


Beta release DRYODE™
Beta release DRYODE™ Helios with selected partners


Our first prototype was distributed to customers for application testing.


First product launched
We proudly released our first product to the public, the DryodeTM.

Second patent
We filed for our second patent.


Pre-seed Round
We successfully raised our pre-seed funding round to support our product development goals.


Team growth and recognition
We scaled our team to 5 people and our founders were recognized in Forbes 30-under-30.


First Patent
After 4 years of lab research, we filed for our first ETH Zurich patent.


IDUN Technologies was founded by Simon Bachmann (CEO) and Séverine Chardonnens (CCO, former CTO)

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