Building next-generation electrodes
for cutting-edge wearables

Dryode™ for Consumer EEG

Reduce the need for extreme algorithms – invest in accurate inputs to get the best output.
Along with high signal quality comes comfort – make it comfy for your customers.
Design is important to you? We can adjust our Dryode™ to your device.
Let us help you dream your dreams.

high signal quality

Signal Quality

Confirmed by customers, Dryodes™ produce competitive signal quality. Better inputs give better outputs.

comfortable dry electrodes


IDUN’s Dryode™ are made of biocompatible soft materials. Even over an extended period of time, the Dryode™ is engineered to feel comfortable on your skin.



IDUN’s electrodes can be cleaned and reused. You can focus on other product life time bottlenecks now!

IDUN for Consumer EEG

IDUN’s goal is to enable consumer EEG wearables to hit the market that are innovative, design friendly and comfortable for the end user.

EEG Electrodes – instant feedback

IDUN’s soft dry electrodes are the key to  comfortable wearable technologies for brain wave recordings on the forehead. The electrodes are reusable and can be easily cleaned. Leave us a note, if you are interested in a development project for your product!

How’s your sleep?

Do you know any wearables that are so comfortable that you would sleep with them on?

IDUN is involved in projects working on such edge of technology wearables. Together with our customer we develop and test electrode shapes and sizes to get the best out of them. The end customer’s comfort is as important as the accuracy of information they can get from the EEG device.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any development projects ahead, that would be simplified by customizable dry electrodes?

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