DRYODE™ Guardian

Personalize your company’s products and services with seamless neurotechnology

The brain is limitless. But it doesn’t come with a map. Let us help you find your way. We believe in a world where technology exists to help people. By connecting the user to the digital world we operate as a bridge between brain and technology. The DRYODE™ Guardian acts as a node to translate cognitive and emotional states into actionable insights. For both human and machine. Are you ready for the journey?

Guardian is the first unobtrusive in-ear EEG platform able to generate actionable insights for the user.

The DRYODE™ Guardian records, processes and interprets brain signals in real-time through comfortable earpieces that feature:

  • EEG:

    • 2-channel in-ear
    • real-time stream
    • unobtrusive and comfortable

  • Wireless Connectivity:


  • Bridge Connectivity:


  • Cloud platform:

    • Data levels: raw, processed, classified
    • Experiment setup and results presentation
  • Audio:

    Existing earbuds can plug in (diameters 6-7 mm)

  • Long Battery Life:

    4+ h

  • Additional ear tips:

    • Three tip sizes: S/M/L

The DRYODE™ Guardian creates a closed loop between what happens in the brain and your surroundings. Continuous insights about your cognitive and emotional state creates a personalized, empathic product experience.

We gathered proof points on various applications where our technology questions the status quo. You can help us find even more.

Sleep health
Improve healing and recovery with valuable information about drowsiness and sleep staging for create the rest you deserve.

Being aware of your body and mind has never been easier. Improve meditation and relaxation with insights about the brain.

Are you building a better world of tomorrow? Let us join forces to build technology to help humans.

Assisted hearing
Real time insights to the auditory cortex allows for personalized hearing augmentation.

Wild ideas about biomarkers and applications? Let us discover the black box brain together

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