IDUN Technologies Turns 4

November is always an exciting time for us at IDUN Technologies as it gives us a chance to reflect on the previous year and really appreciate just how far we’ve come. This year will mark the fourth anniversary of the company’s founding and to get a clear picture of what this truly means, I sat down with company co-founder Simon Bachmann to get a review of the past and a little preview of the future.

It’s been four years since IDUN was “born”, what was that first day like?

Well, the formal part was actually quite quick, just co-founder Séverine and I at the notary office, but there was already so much going on. We were supported already by the lab at ETH and of course by our Systems Engineer and first employee Andreas Fümm. In fact, we already had our first intern, Alexis, by then as well. So there had already been so much work put into the company at that point, including two PhDs, a master’s thesis and two internships on the project before we spun it out from ETH.


What would you say you’re most proud of since then?

Sometimes I get this eerie feeling that this is reality. We have people that come to this office every day because they believe in the product and in the work that we’re doing here and it’s this team of people that I’m most proud of. We have such a healthy baseline and core team all working together and seeing not only the work they do, but also the value they bring to each other make me feel really proud. This is most obvious on days where we have knowledge transfer, maybe during a retreat, where people show what they’ve been working on and we get a chance to appreciate the team of incredibly intelligent people we have.


What would you say are your three biggest highlights of just the last year?

This year has been a huge step forward for us. In May we released our Guardian Development Kits and the work leading up to that from January was intense, but now to see customers interested in working with us to test out the GDK is incredible. The other highlight is finally bringing together a holistic team from such a wide range of backgrounds. We started with only a few people, but now we have 18 people and we also stay in contact with former team members who have moved elsewhere via our IDUN Family group chat.


Are you planning anything special to mark the event?

We are hosting an apéro in Zürich and inviting the whole IDUN Family of current and former team members along with our investors. Séverine and I also have an annual dinner where we talk about the previous year and the take the chance to reflect on everything over a glass of Valaisanne or Bündner wine, as that is where Séverine and I are from respectively. 😉


Now, a bit of a silly question, but if you could buy IDUN a birthday present, what would it be?

Definitely more team members, we obviously have a fantastic team right now, but there is still so much to do and it can be hard to balance between resources and costs. I honestly believe that every new person brings their own value to the company and then I feel like they go on to multiply the value others bring to the office. One other thing, which our team members might appreciate, would be to restock the beer fridge.


Thinking ahead now, what are you most looking forward to before IDUN turns 5?

For me there are two main focuses for the next year, one being on the commercial side and the other on a more technical one. For the commercial, it’s definitely moving forward on the Proofs of Concept with our current partners and linking this with the technical side will be the transition of IDUN from a parts and components company to a full stack Neuro-Intelligence Platform. To see the “Ferris wheel” of our entire cycle go round completely for the first time will be extremely exciting to see.

So, from humble beginnings at ETH and the notary office, it’s clear that IDUN Technologies has made a lot of progress. With PoCs with international companies such as Takeda and Everlisten currently being worked on and ongoing conversations happening with the R & D departments of the biggest 5 electronics companies, it will certainly be an exciting year for everyone at IDUN.

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