Underwater ECG of a free diver!

IDUN went – 40 meters underwater! We attached our electrodes to the skin of Italian pro apnea diver Antonio Mogavero on his free dive in the deepest pool in the world, the Y-40 The Deep Joy in Padova, Italy. For the first time in the world, beat-to-beat analysis, heart rate variability and early signs of decompression sickness can be measured even at 40 meters under water. The IDUN Dryode™ is able to reduce disrupting motion effects and to deliver a fantastic signal quality. “Measuring athletes at their performance limit”: this exciting project came true with the great support of Red Bull Media House, that gave us wings with their technical expertise and the production of this wonderful clip.

Bilan Top 50!

We are proud to share that IDUN Technologies was selected Bilan – Top 50 startups to invest in amongst many other talented entrepreneurs. The selection was released in the March edition of Bilan – and – spoiler alert! – you will find us in there!

Swiss Technology Award

For the nomination of the Swiss Technology Award we did a video portrait for IDUN Technologies AG. It is great to see our vision taking shape with the hard work of our team and the success with our customer projects. We are the interface between human and wearable technology.