Preparation-free and skin compliant biopotential electrodes with high recording quality enable wearables for future healthcare and Internet of Humans. Our soft and surface-structured electrodes show skin compliance and adhesive properties to reduce noise and motion artifacts superior to available dry electrodes. Depending on application, monitoring position and time different micro- and macrostructures are suited best. Our electrodes enable unobtrusive long-term biopotential recordings with clinical-grade performance.


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Read more about the technology in our publication Skin conformal polymer electrodes for clinical ECG and EEG recordings in the Advanced Healthcare Materials Journal


Our electrodes have been tested and proved in various environments and scopes. Different product properties are coming into play for applications such as brain wave monitoring, cardiology or muscle physiology.


EEG Elektrode

EEG monitoring becomes more convenient and comfortable with soft and dry micropillar electrodes. With protruding soft macropillars, recording through hair becomes possible without any preparations. Despite low signal amplitudes and dense coverage of skin by hair high quality recordings comparable to clinical gel cup electrodes can be obtained. These electrodes are suitable for consumer applications and brain computer interfaces.


Microstructured ElectrodeMicrostructured bioinspired surfaces allow a natural adhesion without any glue or sticker. Especially in long-term applications glue and electrolyte gel (combinations) lead to irritated skin and rashes. Itching and discomfort can cause patients or users to take devices off. Additionally, microstructures show increased robustness against motion artifacts through skin compliance and adhesive properties. This design is best suited for ECG and EMG applications


Poröse ElektrodeSoft porous provide high comfort and good electrical properties. The porosity of the surface enlarges the electrochemically active area resulting in decreased electrode-skin impedance. The elastic modulus is similar to the one of human skin, resulting in full compliance. A benefit of this design is its comparably simple production method with less production steps and faster production time.