DryodeTM Kit

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Dryode Kit including 10 dry electrodes

Our Vision

Beat the Standard. Be Better. Be IDUN.

Allow yourself to think out of the box without any standards limiting your ideas. Every wearable device has unique requirements. Shape, placement, integration and connectors differ between applications. IDUN Technologies AG enables you to exploit the full potential of your wearable. The Dryode™ offers your device clinical grade signal quality with the comfort of a consumer product.

crop of dry electrode


We know our materials.

IDUN’s Dryode™ resulted from intensive material research in collaboration with ETH Zurich, and from 2017 onwards only by IDUN. We use biocompatible materials that are soft to the touch. The unique material combination delivers high signal quality – even under water. Our material engineering team keeps pushing the limits of the possible to make our Dryode™ even better.

skin friendly dry electrodes

Skin Friendly

soft dry electrodes

Soft & Skin Conformal

gel-free dry electrode

Dry & Gel-free



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