Building next-generation electrodes
for cutting-edge wearables

Dryode™ for Research

Reduce the need for extreme algorithms – invest in accurate inputs to get the best output.
Along with high signal quality comes comfort – make it easy to get test subjects.
Think out of the box – conduct your research in water with the Dryode™.
Use our Research Kit or get customized electrodes to get the best out of your experiments.

Quick & Easy

Our electrodes are easy to use – no gels needed. With a connector of your choice, the world of measurements is open for you within seconds.

Signal Quality

Confirmed by customers, Dryodes™ produce competitive signal quality. Our electrodes are being used in research already (paper to be published)!


IDUN’s electrodes can be cleaned and reused. Make them your lab companion for a while.

IDUN in Research

Find out more about our scientific projects where our electrodes play a major role.

We are science-based.

The collaboration with the bio-sensing lab at ETH Zurich resulted in a paper discussing the advantages of IDUN’s dry electrodes. We could show that they work under water, deliver good results for in-motion measurements and do not lead to skin irritations. Additionally, the test subjects reported, that they hardly felt the electrodes and their skin did not show any effects. It was shown that these electrodes are unobtrusive and enable long-term ExG measurements.

Read the paper here.

Are you missing dry, comfortable electrodes for your research?

Research Dryode™ Kits are available on request. The kit includes 12 electrodes and a few tipps & tricks on how to best use them. If you are interested, contact us through the form below.

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