Marketing Intern Sam Meets our DRYODE™ Guardian Development Kit - Pt.1

Sam meets DRYODE™

Our new Marketing Intern Sam went through the initial testing process to establish his baseline measurements using our DRYODE™ Guardian Development Kit and help get his head around what we do at IDUN Technologies, or rather get our GDK around his head. Here is what he made of the experience.

As someone with next to no scientific knowledge or experience, due to a background in studying literature, apart from years of watching fictional engineers reversing the polarity of the warp field aboard the Enterprise, being asked to be part of an experiment was pretty much a complete unknown. The technology we work with at IDUN is on the frontier of neurotechnology and for a complete scientific dullard the purpose of these experiments was too complex to fully appreciate, however I still went in with an open mind as I was asked to clean out my ears by our Neuropsychology Intern Elisa Gasparri. I was then subjected to a process to figure out the best tip size for the ear buds that use our DRYODE™ technology to see which size would provide the best signal strength and quality, I’m a size M for anyone wondering.

To improve the signal quality, it is also sometimes necessary to use a strap to keep the ear buds securely fastened, but before images of brainwashing and eyes being pinned open come flooding to mind, I can assure you it’s a much more comfortable experience.

So, with my new head gear in place, it was time for the experiments to begin. I was asked to open and close my eyes at different time intervals, to apparently read my alpha waves, which are indicators of your relaxation state, before moving on to auditory and visual stimuli. Throughout the process it was difficult to keep my thoughts focused and I began to relate the sights and sounds to what I knew, science fiction. The sounds were a mixture of lasers and transporter sounds combined with tones you might find on some of Pink Floyd’s more experimental tracks. Finally, the visual stimulus was a flashing red light which I can only describe as being stared at by a demonic AI similar to HAL 9000 in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

While it wasn’t the most pleasant experience of my life, I was left feeling somehow influenced by the experiment and began to ponder what might be possible when we can reliably record brainwaves reacting to external stimuli. I couldn’t help but be excited by what the results might show, and I have been reliably informed that the next stage of the experiments involves taking a nap, an undertaking which I have a lot of personal experience with at least.

This information will now begin its journey through our data processing pipeline, like a marble down a marble run, to provide a baseline measurement of my neuromarkers, which can then be compared to how a full scalp EEG measures them and how they might be influenced by external stimuli or during activities such as sleeping. These measurements and the following comparison can then help us validate our approach over a full scalp EEG.

To use such groundbreaking technology is also really exciting and as I read up on the potential of it all, I can’t help but let my imagination run wild with future possibilities such as monitoring sleep quality or improving and tracking hearing health and I now firmly believe that IDUN Technologies is working on the process of turning science fiction into science fact.

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