We allow you to better understand

We have a holistic view of the human-to-IoT relationship, built on our expertise in brain signals, bio sensors and product development.

Our sensors and software seamlessly integrate into existing platforms to enhance your wearables experience.

Our Holistic Approach


Understanding the brain
for actionable insights

We combine neurosignaling and psychology for a greater understanding of the brain, providing the end user with insightful information they can act on.

Innovative biosensor development

Building on the success of our DryodeTM, we have developed new materials and form factors suited for a wide variety of wearable devices.

Integration, data collection
and analysis

Our sensors provide clinical-grade data quality without compromising user comfort, allowing us to integrate them into existing platforms and enhance them.
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Where to find us

We are located in the outskirts of Zurich, near the airport. We always welcome drop-in visits!

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